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I Get By With A Little Help from My Friends

We are beyond lucky to have the friends and family that make us want to be better people. This post is dedicated to the many people who have encouraged our wild travel adventure ideas and have helped us in ways that we didn't even know we'd need. Thank you for your generosity, your thoughtfulness, and your friendship.

Enjoying a Colorado sunset on top of our RV. Photo Credit: Sara

Thank you, Auston, for convincing us to buy the RV as early as we did. We were able to shake-it-out for over a year and work on some much needed upgrades before putting it into full-time use. Plus, we were able to buy it before finding an RV became difficult. We can’t wait to eat fresh fish and throw back some Coronas with you when we have the sailboat!

Thank you, Jen, for the many tidbits of advice and ideas that included organization, use of space, colors, installation, etc. You are a wealth of knowledge and helped immensely. Your calming influence kept us level headed when we were stressed about various projects that we weren’t sure how to complete.

Thank you, Auston + Jen, for the many times we parked in front of your place and used your expertise, tools, water, etc. to get the RV travel-ready.

Thank you, Eric + Dawn, for inviting us to stay in your home and driveway before rolling out of Denver. You helped ease our transition, after our lease ended at the apartment, and gave us valuable time to spend together and figure out where all of our stuff should fit in the RV. Thank you for your immediate offers to help get us back on track when our Subie needed repairs.

Thank you, Annette, for storing our Subie at your house while we didn’t have anywhere to park it. Thank you too for the many delicious dinners that you made while we were getting things packed up.

Thank you, Ramesh + Anushi, for the numerous times that you’ve watched Archie. It was especially helpful while we were cleaning up the apartment and didn’t have him making it dirty as soon as we cleaned it. We know he loved his time with Miles + Kaia too. We are so grateful for the extra nights at your place to share dinners and laughter while we were in transition.

Thank you, Tommy + Kara, for inviting Archie to stay with you while we finished our Colorado bucket list items. Archie was able to spend some quality time with Luna and then we enjoyed a great dinner with you before leaving.

Thank you, Kevin + Sara, for having a group dinner before leaving. It was a night of fun, love, and some sadness too.

Thank you, Sara, for your encouragement to still try to get our Colorado bucket list hikes scheduled. You were right, it wasn’t too late to schedule them. Also, thank you for your suggestion of our name to be “The Crusty Campers”. We really appreciate your perception of us and we gave it great consideration. Alas, we landed on “Wanderful Chapters” anyway.

Thank you, Kevin, for helping us get the cash needed for the RV down payment when we were having trouble due to our remote banking. That check eventually cleared, right? Good… Thank you for all the fun adventure taglines. Getting into it…..getting out of it!

Thank you, Steve + Claire, for your excitement, encouragement, and knowledge of sailing and helping us realize it was a dream we could chase. We wish things had worked out where we could have finally chartered a sailboat together, but we really enjoyed all of the dinners and wonderful conversations about sailing.

Thank you, Dave + Pitty, for showing us how fun retirement and can be and giving us advice about making the most of our adventures. You are an inspiration to us with the amount of world travelling you have accomplished.

Thank you, Craig + Christina, for your unending support throughout all of these years. You were the first to hear our idea and you instantly supported us going for it. We’re excited to see you when you join us on part of our adventure.

Surprise party in Denver before leaving. Fortunately, most were easily-packable wrapped gift cards.

Thank you, all of Denver family, for the most amazing and surprising farewell party that we could ever imagine. You are beyond thoughtful and generous. We were so overwhelmed by the night to see so many of our friends together, including far-away visitors. While we know not everyone could be there, we are eternally grateful. Thank you for the memories and the far-too-generous gifts and gift cards. We look forward to seeing you on our adventure sometime soon.

Thank you, all of our family, for your continuous interest and encouragement as we’ve been planning this for several years. We tend to take the road less travelled and it means a lot to have your support.

Thank you, to family and friends, for inviting us to your home to stay as we are traveling. We have already enjoyed staying with friends along our travels and look forward to all of our future stays.

Thank you, Ally, for helping guide and confirm that we were financially ready to take the plunge.

Thank you, all of our coworkers, for all of the support that you showed when we announced our retirement. Thank you for helping make a smooth transition of our responsibilities.

Thank you, all of those many, many friends not specifically mentioned, you all have contributed to our lives, we cherish the times that we have shared with you, and hope that we see you all again soon.

Thank you to everyone for all of your positivity, encouraging words, advice, and well wishes. We’ve appreciated every bit of it! Love you!

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All the love to you guys! Since you passed on Crusty Campers, I've trademarked it. So, let me know if you ever want to purchase it from me ;)

Replying to

🤣 Good to know. Thanks! 😉


Aug 27, 2021

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” - Aesop

Replying to

Yes! I love this! Perfect quote. Thank you for sharing!!


Aug 27, 2021

Did you cry when you wrote this?? (cause I got something in my eye) :)

Replying to

Sorry. Can’t see your note. Something’s in my eye too.

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