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Mixed Emotions

As we get closer to starting our adventure, it's feeling more imminent. Now that we are in the 6-month window, we have started to downsize again and with that, I'm feeling a lot more emotion. Hoping this brain-dump will let me sleep better.

(Edit: Nope. I should not have done this right before bed. My mind was racing. It took me a very long time to get to sleep. I should've read my book for a little bit before trying to fall asleep.)

Excited to...

To travel.

To not work.

To play with creativity.

To explore.

To... lots of things.


That we will miss our friends.

To leave our community and network.

That we won't have any more big Halloween parties.

That Archie won't be near his pack.

That we'll be leaving good paying, interesting jobs + our co-workers.

That we won't have our truck.

To leave some creature comforts.

To not having a stationary home.


About the amount of stuff to do.

About learning so many new things in parallel.

About insurance.

About our RV.

About mixed feelings.

About doing a task that has finality.


That we are able to have this adventure.

That we have good jobs even during a pandemic.

That we can work from home.

That we're able to schedule appointments (vaccines, RV appts, etc.) with our job flexibility due to working from home.

To have financial stability.

To have supportive family + friends.

That our plan is on-target.

That we have options to adjust plan, as needed.

For so much!


To finish our list of to-dos.

About not knowing what we don't know.

About the how Covid continues to change plans and will be something that we'll need to keep navigating around.

About if we'll be able to get the vaccine (both doses) before July.

About if we'll be able to find places to park and rest.

About finding potable water.

About finances.

About the endlessness of this list.


To start moving.

To see something new.

To have extra time.

To read more books.


About wanting to work on the RV when we have to work.

About what's next on the list. We have lists for everything, everywhere.

About working on something to prepare for the trip while thinking about additional things that weren't even on the list.


All of the time that we have left with our friends.

The view from our balcony.

Having beautiful mountains in our backyard.

Walking Archie in the park daily.

Having the grocery store within walking distance.

No maintenance in our apartment.

Beautiful sunsets.

Our last winter in Colorado.

Celebrating our last anniversary with an expensive dinner.

All of our lasts.

I like lists!


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